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July 14, 2015 Passing on:photo of Virginia

Dear Ones,

Our beloved Virginia passed gently into the light at about 1:50 the morning of July 5th.
She had been lovingly attended by her spiritual family 24 hours a day since she entered hospice care on June 25th. Sara Shireman and Kathleen Smoot were with her and had a candle lit for her.

When Sara called me, I had just awoken a few moments before and was playing the song "Ashokan Farewell" in my head for Virginia, that I had played for her in her room in her final days.

We were all so blessed to have her in our lives, now let us continue to share the love that she embodied!

A celebration of her life will be planned later on so that as many of her dear friends as are able to can attend. I will post the details here when they are available.

With deep love and appreciation for you all,
Alma Scheer

News from June 2014:
I want to update you all on our dear Virginia
Essene. Virginia is now almost 86 years old and her Doctors felt that it was no longer safe for her to be living on her own. Even though she was getting daily helpers for a few hours a day, it just wasn’t enough.

So, on May 10th Virginia moved into At Home Senior Living, a beautiful assisted living home that has 12 residents and 5-6 full time care givers. It is just three minutes from where she lived before, so she’s in familiar territory. We were definitely guided by spirit to this place.

One of Virginia’s favorite features is a beautiful waterfall and rock garden that she can look out at while she has her meals. She enjoys watching the birds and squirrels frolic! She has many of her beautiful dolphin and hot air balloon artwork and favorite pictures of Master Jesus on display to fill her new space with the playful and loving energy that is so much Virginia! More photos.

She is physically in better health than she has been in a long time - she is getting 3 good meals a day, and even joining in with the “Sit and Be Fit” exercises every morning. That plus walking up and down the hall for her meals is giving her much more exercise than she has had in a long time.

It has been a real challenge for her emotionally, as it is for most people who have to make this transition. Perhaps more so for Virginia, who has lived on her own all of her adult life.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she continues to adjust to her new home. You can still write to her at the usual Share Foundation address (I pick up the mail and bring it to her), or give her a call on her new phone number: 408-245-2373

I’m sure she’d appreciate hearing from you! With much love,

Alma Scheer
Share Foundation Board Member


Our bi-monthly online Love Corps Newsletter is freely available for both personal empowerment and for sharing with others. In addition to the newsletter there are also occasional online audio messages from Christ Jesus, through Virginia, as needed. Rather than writing another book like his New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity, Jesus prefers that the Share Foundation prepare a newsletter which can be written and posted more quickly…and also issue additional comments in audio form when appropriate.

The last Newsletter with a message from Christ Jesus, through Virginia, was on Novmeber 25, 2012. Virginia's health has declined since that time; thus there are no newsletters for December 2012 through July 2013. Virginia has posted a personal message for all to read on August 13, 2013.

A new e-book is now available: What Every Human Must Know to Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth by Virginia Essene, June 2011, published by LightRiver Media. Purchase here. Video of interview with Virginia on this book by Catherine Ann Clemett, LightRiver Media.

The following books are described on our book page and may be ordered from listed sources.
NEW TEACHINGS for an AWAKENING HUMANITY, 1994/95 updated edition, The Christ/Virginia Essene
NEW CELLS, NEW BODIES, NEW LIFE! 1991, Virginia Essene, editor
ANNA, GRANDMOTHER OF JESUS, by Claire Heartsong with foreword by Virginia Essene
EARTH, the COSMOS and YOU: Revelations by Archangel Michael, Orpheus Phylos & Virginia Essene
ENERGY BLESSINGS from the STARS, Irving Feurst & Virginia Essene

Counseling-Readings by Virginia Essene

Virginia has had over 35 years of counseling experience in both general and grief areas, and was co-founder of an early hospice program in San Jose, CA before the European practice of hospice became part of the American medical model. Under her married name (Venice Ostwald) she has been honored in five biographical dictionaries—most recently in the 2007 Who’s Who in America. She does confidential personal counseling sessions and "soul readings" from Christ Jesus...more.

Heart-Brain Project

Before exploring the brain's unique role in connecting a human being to what many call God, it is essential to honor new scientific information about the human heart that identifies it as the very first connection point between the physical body and its Creator source...more.

Healing Project

In this article subtitled What do you know about healing?, Virginia first takes a broad view of life as we know it, and then looks at the shift that is occuring in our experiences and energies. A list of healing modalities is provided as well as a resource list of health materials titled: Soul Healing our Mind, Body and Emotions...more.

Longevity Project

Because there have been an increasingly large number of books and other materials made available during the last decade that specifically mention words such as longevity or anti-aging , Virginia decided to include a list of references for people specifically interested in knowing how humanity is extending its life span...more.

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The Share Foundation is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation committed to planetary peace and the preservation of all life. We promote the principle of sharing through the Love Corps, an alliance of all human beings who are committed to achieving personal, interpersonal, and international peace...more.

S.E.E. (Spiritual Education Endeavors) Publishing Company was the publishing arm of the Share Foundation. Books were edited, authored, or co-authored by Virginia Essene. Read a short history of how our work began.

Virginia Essene was guided to write many books and articles. The first book was New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity (messages from Christ Jesus as channeled by Virginia Essene). Read a history of this and other endeavors.

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