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Listen to the Easter 2008 Audio Message from Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene (.mp3 format, 20 min.)

Listen to the Easter 2007 Audio Message from Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene (.mp3 format, 15-1/2 min.)

Listen to the Christmas 2006 Audio Message from Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene (.mp3 format, 12 min.)

Listen to the Easter 2006 Audio Message from Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene (.mp3 format, 10 min.)

The on-line Love Corps Newsletter is published on this website every other month and all issues are available for viewing. The purpose of the newsletter is to keep Love Corps readers current with Christ's and other master's messages during this Time of Awakening. Christ Jesus is channeled by Virginia Essene. The Newsletter also includes information on: SHARE Foundation projects, working with the mind, health and DNA shifts, the ascension process, meditation, photon information, caring for our planet, peaceful actions to take, spiritual communities, and nuclear events. It is a means to share information and link with our fellow light-workers.

The last Newsletter with a message from Christ Jesus, through Virginia, was on Novmeber 25, 2012. Virginia's health has declined since that time; thus there are no newsletters for December 2012 through July 2013. Virginia has posted a personal message for all to read on August 13, 2013.

In conjunction with the Newsletter, readers receive current "alerts" contained in additional audio messages from Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene. Thus important channeled messages regarding humanity's present challenges and opportunities can be shared in a timely manner.


View a list of available books and order them from listed websites. Offering cutting-edge books from Archangel Michael, Jesus Christ and other cosmic sources channeled by respected New Age authors such as Virginia Essene, Tom Kenyon, Orpheus Phylos, Irving Feurst, Barbara Marciniak, and others.

Topics include: coming times, ascension, maps of protected areas, Earth's grids, sacred geometry, spiritual community design, ley lines, prophecy, ascension, immortality, health & DNA, shakti energy, etheric energy, spiritual initiations, earth changes, Hathor civilization, mind improvement, and altered states of consciousness.


Video of interview with Virginia on her book What Every Human Must Know to Survive and Thrive on Planet Earth. Interview by Catherine Ann Clemett, LightRiver Media.